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Tower Tech Global is a premier cooling tower manufacturer in Ahemdabad. It is a reliable designer and contractor of cooling tower offering innovative cooling solutions for the satisfaction of the client needs in the industrial, power generation, refrigeration, and HVAC evaporative cooling markets.

Tower Tech Global experts provide cooling towers in Ahemdabad and other areas at affordable rates.

Climate control is significant in modern homes, especially where the climatic conditions are intensively hot or cold. To handle such conditions, HVAC equipment features more numbers of technical components. These components need special maintenance and repair services. At Tower Tech Global facility, we provide best maintenance and repairing services for the cooling towers.

Tower Tech Global experts recommend using cooling tower with high-end commercial chillers to absorb excess heat generated by the system. They are manufacturing different models of cooling towers and chillers for industries like-

  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Pharma
  • Food and beverages

If your cooling tower ceases to function properly, you can contact and hire professionals of Tower Tech Global as they are experienced and well-versed in repairing cooling towers.

Tower Tech Global manufacturers design the cooling towers that are working with water in two configurations. The one is known as counterflow cooling tower, and other is crossflow cooling tower. They indicate the direction of the airflow of tower as compared to the direction of water flow.

Services provided at Tower Tech Global facility-

  • Structure refurbishment
  • Performance upgrade
  • Gear reducer conversions
  • Siding/ Hot water basic/ fan deck/ louber replacement
  • Crossflow to counterflow conversions
  • Cleaning and maintenance
Why choose Tower Tech Global experts?

Tower Tech Global or Tower Tech Global experts are best in your town to avail repair services for best results. It is because they are experienced professionals aim to use latest tools and technologies to minimize the count of interruption in the cooling tower.

Tower Tech Global is a reputed company holding years of experience and rich expertise in providing repair and maintenance services to sustain the condition of the equipment. The engineers and professionals at the facility are familiar with all designs, components, specs, and parts of the equipment.

Cooling towers assembled and designed at Tower Tech Global facility are intended to handle loads like- commercial, institutional, and industrial loads. The production of cooling towers is done under safe environment that protects engineers from mishaps.

The environmental labs at the facility are initially designed for analyzing and testing the range of cooling towers. Tower Tech Global experts operate both counterflow and crossflow test cells. At facility, the computerized data acquisition systems ensure accurate measurements of data of thermal performance.

Tower Tech Global aims to provide best services with affordability. The experts working here use highest industry standards associated with safe work practices safety policies and job procedures. All the experts at the facility are experienced and qualified technicians that take good care of all the tasks in the best possible manner. This is why Tower Tech Global stands among leading cooling tower manufacturers in Ahemdabad.

The team of experts working in Tower Tech Global focuses on onsite supervision by experienced and well-trained specialists. The cleaning and repairing is done in pre-defined timelines. This ensures that your HVAC equipment is back to the fine condition in a limited time period.

You can book your appointment for repairing and maintenance services at Tower Tech Global online. You just need to send mail and the specialists will visit your place and make repairs. In case the problem is severe, the experts will take your equipment to their facility and done all repairs and maintenance jobs at their site.

Book your appointment today and get best services from Tower Tech Global cooling tower manufacturers in Ahemdabad.

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