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Two decades of efforts and commitments have made Tower Tech Global a name to consider within the industry. When you think of cooling towers in Chennai, India, TTG cooling towers will strike your mind at first. The company is established as premier cooling tower manufacturers in Chennai.

The research and development department of TTG analyzes the latest market trend and develop innovative skills to produce premium quality products. Having a support of qualified engineers and the experienced team, we provide a comprehensive range of cooling towers at reasonable rates.

Our round bottle shape cooling towers and rectangular/ square shape cooling towers are best for outdoor installation. These models are known for superior design and technology. Square shape cooling towers are compact in built and modular in design.

Cooling towers are critical parts of any industrial process. These are large cylindrical, one-topped structures that lower the temperature of water. These products can perform their work in numerous ways with distinct technologies to cool process water.

Basic cooling tower structures available at the store are explained below-

  • Natural Draft Cooling Towers :
  • Natural draft cooling towers depend on natural convection to circulate air across the tower, which helps cool the water. The differences in density between the internal air and the entering air inside the tower are responsible for the air movement. Warm air having moisture is denser than cool air and so, it will naturally rise through the tower. The dry, cool air will fall and create a continuous air flow cycle.

    Tower Tech Global engineers design natural draft cooling towers with premium raw materials for best performance.

  • Mechanical draft cooling towers
  • In mechanical draft cooling towers, Tower Tech Global engineers use fans or other mechanics to move air through the tower. Common fans used by engineers in mechanical draft models include propeller fans and centrifugal fans. These models are more effective as compared to natural draft models. You can install mechanical draft cooling towers inside the building that has a proper exhaust feature.

    There are two models available for mechanical draft cooling towers-

  • 1. Crossflow towers
  • 2. Counterflow towers
  • Tower Tech Global is among proficient manufacturers of FRP, induced draft cooling towers, spare parts, and non-chemical water treatment device. Apart from our standard range, we are able to provide customized cooling tower design as per the specifications and standards shared by our clients.

    We have one-vision and one-mission at Tower Tech Global

    We put our every effort in the job to deliver fully satisfying results to our clients. Our total quality management program is aimed at consistent improvisation in the techniques. We provide a safe work environment to the engineers. The qualified team of experts is managing our business processes and supplier selection/retention.

    Our objective is to furnish high quality products and deliver them on time and at lowest cost. The attainment of such objective results in client satisfaction, enhanced product performance and ongoing enhancements in process efficiency.

    Tower Tech Global experts are committed to being aggressive in their attitude towards customer service and quality production. You can avail repair and maintenance services for cooling towers from our skilled technicians. TTG services are popular for speediness and accuracy.

    Features of our range –

    • High efficiency
    • Wear and tear resistance
    • Durable
    • Easy to install
    • Energy efficient
    • Corrosion resistance
    • Reliable
    • Withstand extreme pressure

    Tower Tech Global experts are here to provide industrial and commercial heat transfer products, services and solutions. All the jobs and activities to be customer focused through professional work methods that meet all international standards.

    We have over 3500 installations of cooling towers across the world. Our dedicated team of professionals includes technicians, engineers, quality analysts, packaging experts, warehouse personnel, marketing and sales personnel.

    Share your requirements with us and get your custom model of cooling tower that meets all the standards and specifications you mention in the list.

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