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Cooling tower is cannot be neglected as it is a critical device used by numerous genuine applications in which water temperature is regulated and cooled down for industrial purpose. Engineers working at Tower Tech Global understand the significance of cooling tower equipment used for transferring the heat of re-circulating water into the atmospheric air.

They design and manufacture water treatment system to process cooling tower water. Untreated water running across cooling towers can result in scaling and corrosion, which will further promote loss of heat transfer and inefficiency in critical operating equipments. Water treatment system will prevent such issues and enhance the life of the cooling towers.

Tower Tech Global is well established cooling tower manufacturers in Kolkata. If you are looking for efficient cooling towers in Kolkata, you can anytime get in touch with the TTG customer support desk and share your requirements.

The company is providing quality services and maintenance facilities to their customers since two decades. There are over 5000 satisfied customers across the world. Having a considerable experience in the manufacturing of cooling towers and its spares, TTG offers an exclusive range of induced draft FRP cooling towers that is available in round bottle shape and rectangular/ square shape.

All cooling towers fabricated at TTG unit operate on the principle of counter flow mechanism, which is more advantageous than the cross flow cooling towers. Counter flow models encounter more uniform temperature contrast between water and air. On the bottom of the fills, the coldest water hits the hottest and driest air. The temperature difference at this area is higher in counter flow cooling tower design.

Tower Tech Global engineers also provide hard water treatment services without use of chemicals. They use equipment that helps in conserving energy and water and eliminates need of chemical. They leverage on proven technology used in the industry extensively and with great economic impact.

The equipment is widely accepted in industry for its distinct features like easy installation, energy saving, scale prevention, self contained, continuous treatment non-polluting, and many more.

Tower Tech Global experts aim to provide you the most efficient and safe in use cooling towers. They do provide quality maintenance and repair services. They take proper care to collate resources, processes, and technology to deliver cooling tower repairs and maintenance services with least downtime.
These heat rejection devices cool waste heat to a lower temperature and then release it into atmosphere.

Cooling towers let a portion of the cooled water to evaporate into air stream, which further raises the temperature of air and develops a steam-based humidity that releases into the environment. This evaporated heat reduction technology helps in acquiring cost effective and energy-efficient operation, which is not possible with other heat rejection devices.

TTG experts assure superior quality of the products at all times. They follow reliable procedures in places to ensure best practices at every step of the production cycle for raw material used for manufacturing purposes. They double check all the standards and specifications shared by the clients.

The team works with their skill set and delivers the products and services in the decided time frame. The team is committed to offering the highest quality cooling solutions that meet or exceed the client expectation for products quality and performance. It has a mission – to provide quality rated cooling towers at most competitive cost and attain customer recognition throughout the world.

Why TTG Cooling Towers?

There are features that make our range of cooling towers popular-

  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Serviceable
  • Availability of spare parts

Tower Tech Global Company has a well-equipped facility that runs sophisticated machineries to perform mass production and meet the requirements of the clients. The company owns right combination of manpower and state-of-art manufacturing facilities with which it offers high quality cooling solutions.

If you are seeking cooling towers in Kolkata, partner with TTG today. They are among finest cooling tower manufacturers across Kolkata. You will get benefit when you partner with TTG –

  • Prompt services
  • Easy installation on all segments
  • Well equipped infrastructure
  • Post sales services
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Prompt services

Write to our support desk and share your requirements for best delivery.

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