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Tower Tech Global has set the standard of low maintenance and high efficiency since the starting. The engineers working at Tower Tech Global facility manufacture and supply cooling towers across Bengaluru and other areas of India. We provide the widest range of configurations and the highest cooling capacities available in a package cooling tower.

Cooling towers of Tower Tech Global incorporate engineered components specifically designed for cooling tower service with tested design. This combination has proven effective in thousands of cooling installations across the globe.

Features of Tower Tech Global Cooling Towers Bengaluru:

  • Tower Tech Global cooling towers offer low operating costs : Cooling towers manufactured at TTG are highly efficient in heat transferring. The equipments installed inside the cooling towers including fans, gravity-flow water distribution, and efficient mechanical drive systems work as a team to provide maximum cooling with minimum use of power. Extensive model configurations offer flexibility and value when evaluating fist cost and entire life cycle cost options.
  • Tower Tech Global cooling towers are low sound producers : CAll the cooling towers manufactured at TTG are intended with low sound technology. Engineers use high efficient low sound fans and heat transfer media that features low splash noise characteristics.
    Cooling tower models are configured using premium motors that are efficient in performance. Manufacturers intend each model with quiet gear drive reduction with matched gear sets and premium efficiency fans.
  • Tower Tech Global cooling towers are durable : Engineers of TTG use premium quality materials that ensure long life construction. All of the cooling towers produced and designed at Tower Tech Global are manufactured in ISO-certified facilities.
  • Tower Tech Global cooling towers work in every season : Whether you live in colder or hotter areas, cooling towers from TTG are efficient to perform in every environmental condition. Engineers at our facility design the range of cooling towers to operate year round as specified and will adapt to several approaches of energy-management.
  • TTG Cooling Towers Require Low Maintenance : Cooling towers manufactured at Tower Tech Global can be easily maintained by operating. This means there will be less downtime for mission-critical facilities.

The water distribution system in the cooling tower can be inspected and cleaned without taking the pumps to switch off mode. The engineers design the standard gear system to operate the system for years without changing the oil.

Facilities that are using cooling tower systems are-

  • Oil refineries
  • Food and beverages
  • Dry cleaners
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Petrochemical
  • Other

Since the design matters and defines cost and efficiency during operation, TTG engineers take interest in providing the best designed models to distinct industries. These models are built with materials ranging from fiberglass to stainless steel to aluminium. For outdoor installation, FRP cooling towers are best as they withstand harsh weather conditions easily. These are light in weight and corrosion resistant.

You can avail custom cooling towers for your location from Tower Tech Global experts. The custom models can be designed by TTG engineers to meet specific number of specifications and account for the environment in which the tower needed to be installed.

Cooling towers of Tower Tech Global can be installed in parallel to form multi-cell units. There is an option to install centrifugal fans or a choice of silencers for low noise applications.

You can avail our extensive range of cooling towers in Bengaluru and other locations including Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, in India. We also provide our products to international clients across Germany, Europe, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Tower Tech Global engineers are qualified and experienced. They are well-versed with the modern and advanced technologies used for intending cooling towers range. The company has satisfied over 5000 clients across the world.

If you live in Bengaluru and are looking for reliable and trusted partner that can source you premium quality cooling tower for your place, you can contact Tower Tech Global experts today. They are best known cooling tower providers in Bengaluru.

Write your requirements to the support desk of the company and avail best custom range of cooling towers that meet all standards and specs mention in your list. Tower Tech Global takes their clients’ satisfaction as a priority. They ensure premium delivery of the products at competitive price.

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