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Tower Tech Global is among the largest cooling towers manufacturers across UK. The facilities owned by the company are fully integrated offering superior cooling towers in Europe. Expertly designed cooling tower components and solutions made on a foundation of comprehensive polymer knowledge, superior customer service, and diverse worldwide manufacturing.

Tower Tech Global has been focusing on the enhancement of cooling tower technology since its inception. It has set up a cooling tower research and development center that allows engineers to determine the innovation of cooling tower technology.

Engineers at TTG are intending distinct range of cooling towers for various applications. They serve several end-use industries including chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage, oil and gas, power generation and other applications.

The company is specialized in manufacturing FRP counter flow induced draft cooling towers, cross flow cooling towers, and customized cooling towers for different industries.

Avail water treatment and maintenance services at TTG

Because water treatment ensures a safe, reliable, and efficient cooling tower system, Tower Tech Global engineers recommend having water treatment solutions for cooling tower systems and other cooling system designs and applications. Some of the applications are-

  • Open recirculating systems like fluid coolers, evaporative condensers, and cooling towers
  • Closed loop system like chilled water, thermal storage systems, and process loops
  • Once through systems

Our solutions also include Legionella control risk reduction and solid water treatment. With the latest technology, quality solutions and industry expertise, we use tools that assist us in understanding the requirements of our customers.

We have developed and continue to grow a team to develop customer base, enhance our customer understanding and drive market penetration.

You can trust Tower Tech Global and avail the best suitable deals at competitive prices. Just write down your requirements and send the mail to the office desk. Our experts will reply you with a quote.

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