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Tower Tech Global Company is specialized in manufacturing several cooling products like cooling towers, and its spare parts. All the products manufactured at TTG unit made with precision grade material that matches quality standards. It’s a leading manufacturer and exporter of cooling towers in Germany.

At Tower Tech Global, you can avail services for maintenance, repair, replacement and refurbishment for all makes of cooling towers across the country.

Reputation of Tower Tech Global Company is second to none. Our resources and in-house expertise mean we can advise, inspect, and report on the condition of any cooling tower and offer proposals where applicable. Experts at TTG unit can maintain or refurbish any cooling tower, whatever its size or model.

Our skilled engineers and technicians can analyze the condition of any on-site cooling tower and work with your own maintenance specialists to provide as much or as less assistance as you require.

Tower Tech Global engineers specialize in –

  • Inspection
  • Repair
  • Breakdown repair
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Total refurbishment
  • Replacement parts from stock
  • Turnkey renewals
  • Total refurbishment

TTG servicing and maintenance capability includes breakdown repair, periodic preventative maintenance, supply, and installation of premium quality replacement parts. All these replacement parts ensure optimum performance and meet all standards of the market. We maintain an extensive spare parts stock including shafts, fans, fan sets, and components.

We do repair and maintain evaporative cooling tower. We specialize in upgrading existing cooling towers for better performance and efficiency. We can supply and install-

  • Cleanable fill pack systems
  • Fan equipment
  • High efficiency drift eliminators
  • Distribution systems
  • Discharge hoods
  • Maintenance gantries
  • Access ladders

Cooling towers are among major devices that you just can’t ignore. Even a small fault can turn into a big problem if you fail to treat it in time. Engineers at Tower Tech Global know the value of cooling tower equipment that absorbs heat of re-circulating water and eject into the atmosphere.

The design and functions of water treatment system help in treating the process cooling tower water. Since untreated water may cause scaling and corrosion, the experts suggest water treatment system use to prevent such issues and add years to service life of the cooling tower.

Why choose us?

We provide best performing, durable, low cost maintenance and easy to install cooling towers across Germany. We also provide spare parts of premium quality at very competitive rates.

We have a facility where sophisticated machineries are used by qualified engineers to perform mass production and meet the requirements listed by the clients. The manpower working at the facilities are well-versed with the latest technologies used for providing high quality cooling solutions.

To avail prompt installation of cooling towers, you can partner with TTG today. They are among leading manufacturers and suppliers of cooling towers in Germany. You can have all benefits while partnering with Tower Tech Global-

  • Prompt service
  • Well equipped infrastructure
  • Easy installation on all segments
  • Post sales services
  • Prompt services
  • Maintenance and repair

The company is offering its quality assured services and maintenance facilities to worldwide and countrywide since two decades. It owns more than 5000 satisfied customers throughout the globe. Tower Tech Global Company has a considerable experience in the manufacturing of cooling towers and its spare parts. You can avail exclusive range of induced draft FRP cooling towers in round bottle and rectangular/square shape.

Share your requirements with us and avail best custom models of cooling towers in Germany. Write your specifications and features you needed in your cooling tower and our engineers will work and provide you best results.

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