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Cooling towers are sophisticated devices that manufacturers design with precision technology and quality materials. There are limited reliable suppliers of cooling towers in Mumbai. Tower Tech Global is among leading cooling tower manufacturers in Mumbai that provide best quality range of cooling products at reasonable rates. You can avail cooling tower, FRP cooling tower, Timber cooling tower, spares of cooling tower, chillers, evaporative cooling tower models, and other related products from Tower Tech Global experts.

Tower Tech Global Company has grown strong and today, it is catering to the various requirements of the native and international market. The company is backed by a team of engineers, specialists, analysts, and professionals that provide quality products and top-notch systems to their worldwide customers. TTG experts have carved a niche for the company in the market by delivering satisfactory results to their clients.

The company Tower Tech Global is engaged in manufacturing and supplying FRP cooling towers and spare parts. You can avail our world class range of products that includes FRP hollow blades, sprinkler, aluminum fan, fill, motor, eliminator, etc. These parts are installed in air conditioning plants, induction furnaces, injection molding machines, and more.

The team of engineers and technicians are precisely and continuously trained by experienced professionals. This allows them to enhance their skills and keep themselves updated with latest technology trends to ensure optimum satisfaction to the valuable customers for the best ROI.

The team working at Tower Tech Global unit follows native and international standards of manufacturing, inspection, service and testing. They grasp every detail of the technology to enhance and maintain excellence in the business.

TTG experts strive to maintain quality levels in the entire range of products with the help of regular quality checks. Each of the products manufactured at the TTG unit is carefully tested and closely watched to attain the optimum performance. The teams of distinct department at Tower Tech Global are working together continuously to reach the acme of perfection.

Tower Tech Global has a “no compromise” criteria for all the products. Backed by solid support of after-sale service, TTG is offering its services to many corporate giants and industries.

Avail post sales services without hassle anywhere in Mumbai

TTG has a huge service team that leverages most advanced technology to fulfill the needs and specifications shared by distinct clients. The dedicated team of engineers and technicians works together and satisfies all the clients’ requirements. Post sales services include consultative support, order processing, and prompt delivery.

The team also offers replacement of parts off the shelf. The service engineers working with the company will fix and install them in very short time.

TTG also offers consultancy service for installation of these plants. We are working with several companies to come forth with premier products of highest standards at affordable prices. Some of the industries where we are serving are-

  • Centrally A/c plant
  • Process cooling
  • Pharma
  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Plastic industries
  • Solvent extraction plants
  • Dairy and food industries
  • Engineering industries
  • Cement plant
  • Ceramic industries
  • Cinema hall/ auditorium, etc.
  • Sugar industries
  • Refineries

If your cooling tower’s life cycle is about to end or you have experienced a structure failure, TTG is ready with a range of solutions that can help you in getting your operation back online fast.

There are over 3500 cooling towers installations have been done by Tower Tech Global. The experienced professionals can restore your cooling towers to optimal condition.

You can avail maintenance and restoration services at Tower Tech Global.

Since the industrial cooling towers in Mumbai and other places differ in size and specific design relying on the application for which they needed to be installed. Each variation has its unique advantages and limitations. This is where Tower Tech Global experts will assist you to get the best tower design for your place.

You just need to share your requirements and the application list for which you require cooling tower. TTG team will work on it and provide you best custom cooling tower model in decided time frame. Tower Tech Global is a renowned cooling tower manufacturer in Mumbai. You can find great deals at best prices here.

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