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Tower Tech Global manufactures cooling towers with minimal maintenance needs and long lifetimes. They achieve this by using premium materials (stainless steel with FRP), the sound design, and the quality experience of the engineers. The company is listed among top manufacturers of cooling towers in UAE. They supply cooling towers that require low maintenance services. You can expect efficient hassle-free performance

Cooling towers range includes two designs-

  • Counter flow cooling towers
  • Forced draft cooling towers

Counter flow cooling tower model requires smaller area. The air water contact is more because of the efficiency and arrangement of the fill pack. And since the air-water contact time is higher, air quantity requirement is lesser.

Forced draft cooling tower model is initially intended for handling zinc sulphate solutions or extremely corrosive fluids. Manufacturers of Tower Tech Global equip these models with distribution in extremely resistant material.

Engineers always provide best guidelines to their clients to maintain cooling towers. In case a cooling tower and its parts are not in good physical shape, user has to pay more for loss of process efficiency, damage to downstream equipment, and loss of production.

You cannot afford overlooking the maintenance of a cooling tower. And Tower Tech Global engineers would never suggest you to do that as it can be heavy cash loss for you. To save you from such unexpected losses, Tower Tech Global engineers and technicians follow special testing processes. These testing methods are used by professionals to diagnose the cooling tower and its internal issues.

All repairing and replacement are done at the facilities. Your cooling tower will be handled by experienced staff employees. With a team of qualified and dedicated personnel, Tower Tech Global designs, supplies, and tests cooling towers and performs maintenance and renovation of existing units across UAE.

Find the best range of cooling towers in UAE at Tower Tech Global unit. They are among leading manufacturing and exporting companies you can approach for best deals.

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