Evaporative cooling towers use millions of gallons of water every year. These towers bring the most cost effective technology to cool down devices and machines that are running throughout the time in the factories and industries. However, today manufacturers are making efforts to produce water conserving industrial cooling towers for the clients in India and other different countries.

At present, they are using special techniques to lower the water requirements, such as alkaline, high pH water treatment chemistries that devastate galvanized metal cooling towers. In order to reduce water consumption, engineers recommend replacing the cooling towers after 5-8 years will be helpful.

In each facility of the unit, water loss is expected because of the evaporative process of the tower that keeps the device cool. Drift, water in the mist form loss is also an unavoidable thing. To make the system fully efficient, the water loss needs to be replaced on an ongoing basis.

Cooling towers that use hard water are at higher risk of scale formation. However, this risk gets double in the case of evaporative cooling towers. Scale forming minerals, like magnesium salts and calcium are present in the hard water, but evaporative process left these minerals behind in high concentrations.

Undiluted minerals form scale on equipment. Even a small amount of scale in the system yields to lower efficiency of heat transfer and decrease in productivity in industrial processes. In order to eliminate the risk of scale building, hard water is replaced with fresh water.

Some of the manufacturers are promoting dry industrial cooling towers more in the market. Some of them are releasing new engineered plastic cooling towers as an effective solution to water conservation.

Dry type cooling tower specially design for water scarce areas. Dry type cooling g tower involving only a fan and fan coil, Today’s “engineered plastic” cooling towers has significant advantages and maintenance-free operation of the system because engineered plastic cooling tower design is the direct-drive fan system. Engineered plastic cooling towers are available in modular designs which include cluster, easy installation, and faster.

This type of cooling tower focus on water conservation and achieving zero blowdown to significantly diminish the measure of cosmetics water required.

However, these FRP industrial cooling towers are expensive than other water treatment cooling towers, still these are worth to choose for infrastructure. 

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