Let’s take a look at the basics and significant facts and uses of the towers in distinct number of industries. This article is shared by premium cooling tower manufacturers that bring the best towers for industrial and domestic purposes. No matter if you need the tower device for your farm house or factory; you can anytime get an ideal device that definitely suits your place.

Firstly, it’s necessary for you to understand the concept of tower device. What is a tower and how it is used? Why it is always better to use this heat rejection device? Let’s talk about it in detail.

A cooling tower is heat rejection equipment that expels waste heat to the environment via evaporation process. Manufacturers intend these devices in a way to provide users efficient heat absorber units that sip heat through cooling of water stream to a lower temperature. Cooled water is required for ACs, power generation, and other manufacturing processes. These towers utilize evaporation method to sustain the temperature of the device and application attached to it.

These towers are better for using rather than depending on other heat rejecting equipments, such as radiator in a car; and thus, manufacturers claim that their products are energy saving and cost effective when compared to other heat rejecting products.

Which components are installed by manufacturing units in the tower device?

A normal tower includes the frame and casing, drift eliminators, cold water basin, louvers, fans, air inlet, and nozzles. Let’s discuss them all in detail-

  • Frame and casing- Majority of towers have structural supportive frames, fans, motors, and other crucial components.
  • Fill- Today's cooling towers use plastic film fills to increase the surface area for evaporation cooling processes. Manufacturers intend towers that employ fills to execute heat transferring process by boosting air and water contact. You should understand that there are two types of filling towers
  • Splash fill - Splash fill splash the hot water from vertical direction on the top of the tower distribution deck.
  • Film fill - Film fill are generally made from plastic corrugated sheets which join between and give look like honeycombed. Film fills spreads the water out into a thin layer. Film fill use PVC and Polypropylene materiel to manufacture.
  • Cold water basin- Cold water basin components is made from Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC). Cold water basin placed at the bottom of tower is designed to collect the cold water form tower and flows down across the tower and fill. It playing big role of foundation for the cooling tower structure.
  • Air inlet- This is the way that let air to flow in the tower. It may be employed to the lower side or the bottom of the cooling tower.
  • Drift eliminators- Cooling tower drift eliminators is parts of a cooling tower which are designed to remove the drift loss happens in cooling tower. Drift eliminators are usually placed next to fills in the air flow path and reduces the drift to less than 0.0005% of the circulating water.
  • Louvers – Engineers often use inlet louvers in the construction of cross flow cooling tower but it's not required for counter flow cooling tower. intel Louvers strictly prohibit the sun light from entering the basin, which cantrole algae growth and lowers chemical costs. Using asbestos sheets to manufacture Louvers and The main objective of the louvers is to balance the air flow into the fill and to retain water inside the tower.
  • Fans- Fan is main part of the cooling tower used to force or push large amounts of air throughout the cooling tower. Cooling tower fan are commonly made from Aluminium, FRP, Glass fibre and hot-dipped galvanised steel to withstand the corrosive effects in which the environment that they operate.
  • Nozzles- Cooling tower nozzles are mainly used in crossflow cooling towers because they equal distribution hot water inside a cell of a cooling tower to cool the hot process water.

Sorts of materials used by Engineers

For frame and casing-

  • Glass fiber framework
  • Inlet air louver of glass fiber
  • Fill made of plastic , pvc
  • Basin made of steel
  • Casing made of galvanized steel


  • Aluminium
  • Fiber glass
  • Galvanized steel (Centrifugal fans)
  • Molded frp material

It is always better to use cooling tower as these devices protect applications from short circuit damage, overheating, and premature failure. Ask your nearest cooling tower manufacturer in India about more info on the product. There are details that you can only gather from their center only.

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