In an industry or power plant, the cooling tower is used in order to eliminate the heat which is not needed. It exhausts the heat into the atmosphere by using the process of evaporation to cool the fluid near the wet bulb air temperature. This device is more effective in lowering the water temperature than the heat rejection or air cooler devices. Cooling towers are mainly used in industries like electric power generation, air conditioning, petrochemical, engineering & metallurgy, chemical, etc. where the integrated heat rate is approximately 450 MW.

Principle & Types of Cooling Towers It works as per the principle of the evaporative type condensers. The hot water is cooled with the help of evaporation. The evaporation takes place when the hot water droplets come in touch with the air, which is generated either from a fan or natural convection. The evaporating water absorbs the latent heat from the vicinity, making it cooler. Cooling towers can be classified into two types based on the method of the circulation of air. They are:

1) Natural Draft Cooling Tower- It allows the air to be circulated inside the tower with the help of natural convection.
2) Mechanical Draft Cooling Tower- It uses centrifugal or propeller fans to circulate the air inside the tower rather than allowing the circulation naturally.

Components of the Natural Draft Cooling Towers
The main components of a natural draft cooling towers are:

1) Hyperbolic shaped support body made up of concrete or steel
2) Protective case or sheathing
3) Cooling fill
4) Drift eliminator
5) Water circulation system. For example spraying nozzles
6) Water basin

The tower works as per the stack effect, which raises the hot air present in the tower. Accordingly, the cooling procedure is accomplished.

Key Features of the Natural Draft Cooling Towers
Natural draft cooling towers are highly beneficial and economical. It offers numerous advantages, which makes it the first choice of the most of the industries. Let’s check the top five attributes of this cooling tower:

1) Energy efficient- It doesn’t involve electricity to cool the water of the plant, as a fan is not needed to raise the air. Rather it uses stack effect to raise the hot air.
2) Low maintenance- It doesn’t demand frequent and high maintenance. Once installed, it effectively cools the water of the plant for a long time.
3) Efficient components- The components used in this cooling tower manufacturers are highly reliable and operate efficiently. The outlet point of the hot air is higher, which doesn’t affect the other procedures of the industry.
4) Elimination of noise- Since it is a natural process there is no noise or energy involved in the cooling procedure.
5) No recirculation- This tower has a great difference between the air inlet and outlet, which leaves no chance of recirculation of air. The plume is eliminated at a very high level.

Natural draft cooling towers are environment friendly and are easy to maintain. It doesn’t involve any power, which makes it a favorable choice for most of the industries. It accomplishes its duty efficiently without any exception.

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