Biocide chemical is employed as anti-fouling agent or disinfectant for treating cooling towers for chemical industry. In this article, we will discuss its uses in consumer products and food industry. Let’s get started.

Many consumer products have biocide in the ingredients. You can find them in cosmetics and wipes, some toothpaste, cleaning products, detergents, pet disinfectants and general disinfectants.

Many major and minor parts are assembled to form the components mentioned above. And in reality all of the big and small things are what makes your FRP cooling tower a success.

Cleaning products and laundry detergents have preservatives and disinfectants. However, use of these substances is not regulated in household products. Consumer products have different active ingredients like triclosan and metallic ions. The biocide triclosan is used in consumer products and textiles, in toothpaste, cosmetics and other products like deodorants.

Use of biocides as disinfectants in food sector

Biocides as disinfectants

Biocides are vastly used in the food industry to disinfect production plants and food containers. Manufacturers also use biocides in food and drinks to control the microbial growth and decontamination of carcasses.

Disinfection is critical for achieving a defined, desired hygiene in food production and processing department and in food processing units. Manufacturers of food products use several types of biocides for disinfection of equipment, surfaces, containers or pipework linked with the transport, production, and storage of food or drink.

Biocides as food preservatives

Preservatives are substances that enhance the shelf-life of food stuff by protecting them against the attack of micro-organisms. Most food companies use food preservatives in many products including sauces, breads, pickles, etc.

Use of Biocides in water treatment and cooling tower

Biocides may be used for distinct applications, including water treatment or industrial purposes. Several waste water plants and cooling towers include a final step of disinfection with chlorine. Disinfection is performed to maintain the units and prevent the bacteria growth.

Cooling towers are a new place for extensive use of disinfectants after knowing that contaminated aerosols can be killed with such products. Most manufacturers are now using disinfectants for cooling towers for chemical industry, food industry, pharma, etc. to kill Legionella sp and Legionellosis bacteria.

Are you sourcing biocide from wrong place? Most suppliers are providing low quality biocides at high prices. You must check with your dealer and source only the best quality biocides for applications.

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