No building can make people sick but poor cleaning or maintenance efforts in cooling towers may act as breeding ground for variety of bacteria. One of most dangerous bacteria is Legionella that spreads quickly and it has sickened thousands of people worldwide. This is necessary to take proper measures or precautions to control growth of bacteria and protect your dear ones as well.

The situation can be controlled completely by opting for latest tools and technologies that are pretty much suitable to keep cooling tower clean and hygiene. They help in bacteria removal and serious disease prevention. The only condition is that you have to put best cleaning efforts and adopt good cleaning practices. The regular maintenance or monitoring of tower also gets necessary here.

Cooling towers India and Legionella

Cooling tower is energy efficient and cost effective product that helps in excessive heat removal from machineries or building and commercial places. The centralized air conditioner systems are easily visible in large building or malls. They pull out extra heat and transfer it outsider. In this way, tower helps to create 100 percent safe and comfortable environment around you.

When heat is pulled inside, debris or dirt also gets attracted. It starts accumulating in the basin of cooling tower and may be dangerous later. When towers are left in poor condition, development of bacteria like Legionella gets common. The reason is dust and debris is taken as proper growth conditions for variety of bacteria.

Legionella growth checks inside cooling towers India

  • The towers should be regular cleaned to remove extra dust or debris. For this purpose, you may follow regular inspections, check for damage or functionalities. The best idea is to take help from experts for effective cleaning solution.
  • In case, regular maintenance of Cooling towers in India is not effective and debris still gets accumulate inside basin, the best solution is systematic filtration here.
  • Next is water treatment, this is taken as most crucial step and highly effective too. The process not only controls scale formation but avoids biological contaminations too.
  • Last is regular monitoring that enhances water quality and performance of system both.

The above makes it clear how to control bacteria with effective treatment or cleaning efforts. It ensures operational efficiency and protects public health too.

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