Cooling towers are a must have product in many industries. Majority of companies are using these devices for their industrial processes. These are the machines that require schedule maintenance services. If you use these equipments, you must have a contact of reliable cooling tower maintenance provider for effective performance.

Cooling towers are heat exchangers that use air and water to absorb heat from the system to the outdoor environment. Most commonly, they are used to expel heat from the condenser water leaving a chiller.

These devices are located on rooftops and other outdoor sites. Since these equipments are out of sight, they are often neglected by maintenance technicians and thus, it result in lower cooling system efficiency. If these cooling towers fail to maintain their cooling capacity, this will affect the production process. A soiled cooling tower lowers the cooling capacity.

Why maintenance is necessary?

You can prevent and protect your cooling tower from becoming soiled by regular, annual, preventive maintenance. When you perform regular maintenance of your cooling tower, you get benefits like-

  • Optimal operating reliability
  • Continuous operation
  • Cooling capacity rendering
  • Least risk of Legionella’s disease
  • Extended lifecycle
  • No premature wear of cooling tower

It is always a great idea to call professionals or technicians to replace or repair the defective part of the cooling tower. Premium quality parts are good to use because they can perform better than original parts.

Types of cooling towers available in the market –
  • Open or direct cooling tower
  • Closed or indirect cooling tower

Open cooling tower exposes the condenser water coming from the chiller plant directly to the environment. This warm water is sprayed across the fill inside the cooling tower to increase the contact area, and air passes through the fill. Evaporation removes most of the heat from the system and the cooled water remained inside gets collected into basin and is returned to the condenser.

Closed cooling tower circulates the warm water present in the chiller plant using tubes of the tower. In this model, water doesn’t contact with the environment. Water that re-circulates inside the tower is sprayed over the tubes and air is blown through fans across the tubes. This process helps in keeping the condenser water cool and this water is then recirculated to the chiller plant.

You must maintain the cooling tower in good working condition to avoid unwanted failure. Cooling tower maintenance services providers are available across the globe. Contact them and avail best deals today.

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