Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) cooling towers are the most sought after cooling towers. In this article, we will list 10 positives about the FRP cooling towers that make them a desirable choice.

  • Light Weight: – Fiberglass is made of polymers and is extremely light weight, this property is transmitted to the cooling towers made of FRP as well. Therefore, the bulky looking cooling towers made of FRP are not as heavy as they look.

  • Easy to Transport: – Because FRP cooling towers are light-weight, these are easy to transport and handle. In case of a vehicle breakdown, the towers can be shifted from one vehicle to another without a heavy machinery.

  • Easy to Install: – Another contribution of the light-weight feature is easy installation. But apart from that, the components within the FRP cooling towers can be easily fit and installed without much hassle and requirement of heavy equipment.

  • Leak-Proof: – One extremely important feature that all cooling towers need to have is to be leak-proof. FRP is made of fiberglass and resin and therefore it is inherently leak-proof.

  • Weather-Resistant: – Cooling towers are installed in open and therefore are prone to wear and tear because of natural climatic conditions. FRP cooling towers can withstand severe climatic conditions and thus are a fit for places with extreme climates.

  • Anti-Corrosive: – Any product that comes in contact of water on daily basis has to be rust resistant and FRP proves to be a brilliant medium for that. FRP cooling towers are resistant to corrosion.

  • Unaffected by Microorganisms: – Continuous use of water results in growth of microorganisms like algae and bacteria and FRP cooling towers remain unaffected by these by not creating an atmosphere that promotes the growth of microorganisms.

  • Sturdy: – FRP cooling towers are made of polymers and resins which offers robustness to the end product making the cooling towers a durable choice.

  • Easy to Maintain: – FRP cooling towers have low maintenance overhead because of numerous features like corrosion and weather resistance. These features ensure that the maintenance requirement because of damage from external factors is limited. Thus, reducing the need for maintenance and reducing maintenance cost.

  • Long Lasting: – Last in the list is FRP water cooling tower’s ability to last long. This is not a standalone feature; many other individual features contribute to this. But, whatever be the reason, the fact is the FRP cooling towers are long lasting.

While everything looks positive, there is a downside to FRP cooling towers as well. Unfortunately, because of the involvement of plastic in the composition, FRP is not an environmentally sustainable product and it is extremely difficult to recycle. While some companies are working on coming up with solutions to recycle FRP, some even claim to have the solution.

The benefits of using FRP cooling towers are strong, so is the reason for not using it. But, there seems to be a positive future for all FRP products because of the features it entails.

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