If your cooling tower and its equipment are not in good condition, it can bring you unexpected loss of money, loss of production, and damage to downstream equipment. Why cooling towers fail at operation? What makes them performing so poor? There can be serious systemic problems such as paralyzing and damage like excessive downtime, loss of product due to quality issues, and destruction of equipment.

These issues arise when a cooling tower is not properly maintained by the user. Poor maintenance include over heating of the equipment, increase in scrap material, heat exchanger inefficiencies, refrigeration losses, and severe operational consequences.

Cooling towers are critical components or cooling process equipments used in food industry, pharma industry, paper industry, metals and textiles, and many HVAC systems. If you fail to maintain these equipments or do not take interest in keeping them in good shape, they can become fatigued. The fatigue behavior of your cooling tower may not be good for your system equipment as it will put strain and result in overheating.

If the cooling tower body is in bad shape, or needs extra repetitive maintenance, you should replace the old model with the latest one. Advanced cooling tower models are equipped with latest features and technology. They are environment friendly and easy to use.

Be ready to pay high price for neglecting your cooling tower

The cost of negligence is more and you will regret it paying off. If you overlook the maintenance of a cooling tower, it could result in heavy loss of money. If you have installed cooling tower in paper and pulp industry and fail to provide maintenance services, you will have to encounter process interruptions that will ultimately empty your savings.

This same thing can happen in chemical processing or food processing. If you don’t take maintenance services seriously for cooling tower, you will have to replace and repair hardware sooner. This will result in loss of production and capital.

In food industry, cooling towers support important food processing machines, freezers, refrigerators, and HVAC systems. The loss of cooling power can result in extensive losses of frozen products or other perishable products.

You should call experts from cooling tower manufacturing unit. Expert assistance is important because cooling tower is an expensive system and you just cannot let anyone to perform experiment on your unit. Ask suppliers delivering cooling towers for food industry, rubber industry, pharma industry and others.

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