If you are among those who choose to install water-cooled cooling system, this article post about cooling tower maintenance is specially intended and written for you. We all know the major reasons behind picking the water-cooled cooling systems over other models- they are twice as energy efficient, last longer, and quieter than air-cooled models. Yet there are certain things you need to consider for your water based cooling towers to protect it against microbial growth, scaling, and corrosion. If the water of cooling tower system is not treated in right way, the maintenance job of the user can become really difficult.

The most common issues encountered by cooling tower users are scale deposition, fouling and microbial growth, and corrosion. Apart from these common issues, a bigger threat is the growth of pathogenic bacteria like Legionella. To combat these issues, a consistent, effective water treatment regime is necessary for cooling towers and other water-cooled equipment. If any user fails to perform proper water treatment, he will encounter serious problems, including-

  • Premature failure
  • Excessive equipment downtime
  • Occupant discomfort
  • More complaints
  • Health and safety issues
  • High energy costs
  • High water costs
What can an ideal water treatment program do?

A proper water treatment program should be followed by the user of cooling tower and other water-based systems to prevent scale formation of the surfaces of the equipment. This helps the user in providing protection to the equipment against corrosion. Regular water treatment will also control microbial growth and lower maintenance costs. It helps in minimizing water consumption. It is a responsibility of every cooling tower owner to perform such programs and serve environment.

While many chemicals are available in the market to treat water, in this post, we will discuss non-chemical way to reduce scaling. This is a green solution to the scaling. Though you can easily use chemical to kill all bacteria and fungi, but more amount and use of chemical will only increase the toxicity of the fluid. For effective results, you have to add right amount of the chemical at right time.

But if we talk about non-chemical or green method, you can rely on electromagnetic, and ionization. Both of these processes are less expensive and need less energy to operate. Electromagnetic and copper-silver ionization can be used as a treatment with no extra chemicals requirement. This treatment will revoke the bacterial growth and will not harm cooling system metals, valve, or pump components.

You can easily control scaling and corrosion in more effective way using green approach.

Try these cooling tower maintenance services tips for your equipments and do share your experience with other readers and followers.

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