Cooling towers dissipate heat in environment using recirculation of water technique that is used to cool chillers, ACs, and other process equipment. It is easy for cooling tower exporters India to maintain their products because they never skip any maintenance practice that is required for sustaining good condition of the cooling tower. Heat is rejected to the ambient air from the equipment via evaporation. This implies that cooling towers use more water for heat regulation.

The thermal efficiency and durability of the cooling tower and its equipment rely on the proper maintenance of re-circulating water. Water exits from the system in one of these ways-

  • Evaporation – The major function of the tower is the evaporation. It is the method that helps dissipate heat from the cooling tower system to the environment.

  • Drift – A small amount of water may be carried from the tower as small droplets or mist. Drift loss is not huge when compared to evaporation and blowdown. It can be controlled with drift eliminators and baffles.

  • Blowdown – When water dissipates from the water through evaporation, the dissolved solids like chloride, calcium, silica, magnesium, and chloride remain in the re-circulating water. More evaporation of water brings more concentration of dissolved solids. These dissolved contaminants are responsible for corrosion. Carefully monitoring and regulating the blowdown quantity offers the most significant opportunity to save water during operations.

  • Basin may leaks or overflows – Properly operated Cooling towers should be check for leakage or overflows. It is the responsibility of the manufacturing team to ensure the basin level is maintained properly and also check system valves to ensure there are no unaccounted for losses.

Which rule set is followed by exporters and manufacturers to sustain cooling towers in good condition?

Exporters and manufacturers of cooling towers follow certain steps to maintain water efficiency in operations and maintenance-

  • Measure and understand cycles of concentration
  • Install a conductivity controller to control blowdown
  • Install flow meters on makeup and blowdown lines
  • Select water treatment vendor cautiously
  • Get expert advice to help determine if cooling tower replacement is apt

Latest designs and enhanced materials can help in reducing water and energy requirements for cooling. Cooling tower exporters India is among experienced professionals that you may contact. You can rely on them and get assured maintenance service at reasonable rates.

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