Selecting a good industrial cooling tower is essential for industries and it is equally necessary for them to maintain a cooling tower. Industrial cooling towers manufacturers India offer maintenance and repair services. But, as an industry supervisor or owner, you should be aware of the protocols when it comes to maintenance of an industrial cooling towers. Listed below are some of essential checks that are recommended by experts.

  • Cleaning: – The cooling towers operate on wet procedures and involve water as a result growth of microorganisms is inevitable. This mandates a cleaning requirement for industrial water cooling towers. The desirable frequency of cleaning should be twice a year but this can vary on the usage, surrounding, and type. Some types of cooling tower are more prone to microorganism growth and therefore might require more frequent cleaning.

  • Water Treatment: – While this can be clubbed with cleaning as a point. But, I felt it was necessary to mention this as a separate sub-point because a lot of times, maintenance work skips this part which is ideally to be done as usual routine. Water treatment involves treating it with biocides. This is particularly important if the cooling tower has been shut for a while and the service is now being resumed. Another type of treatment involves sodium hypochlorite.

  • Flushing: – This again is a part of the cleaning procedure but requires special mention in case the industrial cooling tower has been shut for a while. In a case like this, it is important to flush out all the water and empty the basin. Do a biocidal treatment and then run the fan. Flushing will makes sure that all the unwanted residue is removed from the cooling tower.

  • Inspection: – Doing a visual inspection is another aspect of realizing any faults or repair work before the minor issue turns to a major one. In terms of frequency, experts suggest that it should be done once a week. But, again depending on use, you can do it bi-weekly. This can either be done by an inspector sent by your manufacturer or you can gain the required knowledge to conduct and inspection and know when to contact the manufacturer.

The checks listed above are according to the industry standards and the expert or professional from your industrial cooling towers manufacturers India would be well-versed in these. However, there might be slight variations in how your manufacturer approaches maintenance and this will also depend on your industrial cooling tower type.

The best way to be sure about the maintenance practices is to rely on government requisites in terms of maintenance and if possible before getting an industrial cooling tower installed ask your manufacturer about the maintenance frequency and level of work involved. This before-hand knowledge will help you be sure at the end.

The are many potential health-hazards of having a non-maintained industrial cooling tower and therefore it becomes a responsibility of all industries to employ techniques that would ensure proper cleaning and inspection of cooling towers.

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