Manufacturing companies categorize the cooling towers on the basis of their structure, material, model, etc. There are concrete cooling towers, FRP cooling towers, and more range available at the manufacturing outlet. While the functioning and internal mechanisms of each cooling tower remain unchanged, manufacturers offer variety in the material for several reasons.

Every material has its unique properties that make it suitable or unsuitable for a cooling tower. You can evaluate the best suitable material by considering factors like geographical location, maintenance, budget constraints, and space requirements, etc.

In this post, manufacturers will talk about four major materials that they use to construct cooling towers in India.

  • Wood – Wood is the nature’s gift that has been used for multiple purposes. Almost all countries across the world hold a reserve of wood. Some selected species of wood become a good choice when it comes to constructing cooling towers. Wood needs to be treated prior being applied in manufacturing process due to its vulnerability to termite, decaying, etc. However, there are less buyers of wooden cooling tower today due to other modern and advanced options available in the market.
  • Metal – Durable metal alloys like steel are used to erect cooling tower system. Manufacturers use steel because of its durability and sturdiness. Besides being used in structure building, manufacturers producing cooling towers are widely using metal alloys to construct internal parts like fans, motor, etc.
  • Plastic – Since plastic never corrodes and never responds to weather conditions, it is one of the best materials used by cooling tower manufacturing companies. PVC and FRP are great material used by experts to construct cooling towers. FRP cooling towers are new-in and widely accepted by the industries across the globe due to their desired properties. FRP is also applied in a few internal components like basin.
  • Concrete – Concrete structures are not new but their use in making cooling towers is relatively a new concept that was introduced in the 1960s. Concrete material is used to form sturdy structures that stay for years. However, the setting up cost of these towers is more and this is why it has limited users.
  • Out of all the materials, FRP cooling towers are the best choice to make. It is because they are inexpensive when it comes to their long-run benefits. If you want to source a reliable cooling tower for your area, you can contact premium supplier of cooling tower system in your local.

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