Few people know about cooling towers, and fewer people actually value their purpose in the industrial world. Cooling tower is a critical device and its main function is far more significant one than it is credited for.

A cooling tower, whether induced draft cooling tower or forced cooling tower, is responsible for lowering the temperature of the water that is used in other machines. How these systems can be so important for industries and what should people know about them? It’s necessary to maintain your towers for smooth functioning and operation.

Types Of Cooling Towers

Several cooling towers are initially designed to match the criteria that are needed for every industry. Therefore, before installing any cooling tower, it is important for admin members to pick the most apt type of cooling tower.

Natural Draft Cooling Towers

Natural Draft cooling tower divide in two types spray type and splash deck type.

  • Spray Type

This spray type cooling tower is housed inside a box-shaped structure which also include spray headers, nozzles and louvers. The louvers are usually made of steel and enhance the natural circulation of air inside the cooling tower. Usually spray types of cooling towers are take place outside the building, so that the air can pass freely through the tower.

  • Splash Deck Type

This type of cooling tower is very similar to that of the spray type but it can be used water box which has small hole in the bottom. It can also include decking inside the tower. when hot water insert into water box and splashes via box holes in the water box on the decking. The main use of decking is that increasing the surface area between air and warm water. This type of cooling tower is more effective then spray type.

Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers

The mechanical draft cooling towers are similar to the natural draft cooling towers. As the name indicates, mechanically convection to circulate air throughout the tower, which then cool the water using may be Propeller fans or centrifugal fans.  Mechanical draft towers are more effective than natural draft towers, it can be install in the building. However, they can be consume more power and operating cost than natural draft cooling towers. Mechanical draft cooling towers deceived in main two type Counterflow and Crossflow.   

  • Counterflow Cooling Towers 

This type of cooling tower has different design in which air is directed upward.

  • Crossflow Cooling Towers 

In contrast to counterflow pattern, crossflow design allows the air to pass horizontally.

Forced VS Induced draft 

Fans are equipped in both of these drafts. The major difference between forced draft and induced draft cooling tower is that cooling towers with induced draft have their fans over the top of the system. While in forced draft cooling towers, the fans are installed at the bottom of the unit.

Benefits Of Using These Towers

Implementation and installation of these systems can affect the company’s owner. The primary and most obvious benefit is related to finance. Cooling towers prevent the overheating of the other machines. As a result, company’s expenses get reduced and machineries will get proper power supply to deliver break-free performance.

Overheat prevention brings higher productivity chances and also lowers the maintenance costs for the applications. The continuous use of cooling tower can reduce the bacteria development in the water.

You just need to maintain and sustain good condition of the cooling towers. Be it the induced cooling tower or forced draft cooling tower, every system needs care and attention. Induced Draft Cooling tower Manufacturers can take care of your valuable cooling towers for better productivity and performance.

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