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Cooling towers are basically intended for heat rejection function. The main purpose of this device is to provide circulated cooling water in heavy industrial facilities. Tower Tech Global manufactures cooling towers for chemical industry that provides circulated cooling water in the facility, which absorbs heat by condensing the hot process streams or by cooling the hot rotary machines and other equipments used by the facility.

Tower tech engineers design the cooling tower in such a way that it rejects the absorbed heat into atmosphere.

They take the time to understand exact requirements prior recommending a chemical treatment program for cooling systems used in the industry. It is a critical thing because you have to maintain the cooling tower systems and for that you must clean it on scheduled time.

How engineers of Tower Tech Global are doing chemical water treatment for cooling towers and systems?

Chemical programs used by the team of experts at Tower Tech Global facility are effectively applied for the reduction and prevention of the three key issues encountered by every industrial cooling tower system – corrosion, deposition, and microbial growth.

Corrosion is really a bad thing for cooling water systems as it leads to metal loss that later result in critical system failures in heat exchangers, process cooling equipment, and re-circulating water piping. It also results in the loss of efficiency as corrosion products precipitate on heat transfer devices.

As cooling tower systems are vulnerable to many contaminants that cause formation of deposits, such as mineral sludge and scale. These deposits interfere with heat transfer, promote corrosion with speed, clog the water flowing pipe and reduce efficiency and production.

Tower Tech Global experts always advice their clients to call for assistance to avail maintenance services. They never recommend performing all the steps alone or in the absence of the professionals. It is because the team knows how to clean and maintain the system and its parts. They will guide you properly so that you won’t encounter any issue while using them in the facility.

Algae, protozoa, bacteria, fungi, and other biological organisms discover their breeding grounds in cooling towers. If you fail to control them, they grow and act like a natural adhesion surface for scale formation and this result in fouling.

All these conditions can bring serious problems and this is why Tower Tech Global professionals suggest proper optimization of cooling water tower systems.

Tower Tech Global has a team of proficient people that provide complete range of services for cooling towers. They will share the best guidelines to maintain your system and treat the water to protect the cooling tower system from such challenges.

To avail the best model or custom cooling towers for chemical industry, you can connect with the team of Tower Tech Global anytime, from anywhere. Write your requirements to the official mail of the Tower Tech Global and get response from experts soon.

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