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Manufacturers of cooling towers India are constructing solid and robust models for distinct industries. Cooling tower is a heat exchanging device that withdraws heat from the water by contacting between the water and the air.

Being a valuable and most trusted cooling tower manufacturers and Suppliers from India, TowerTech Global has a team of engineers that possesses skill set and experience. The engineers working here are qualified and have immense exposure in constructing most advanced cooling towers for Indian and foreign clientele.

Manufacturers are intending these cooling towers in distinct ways- based on the shape, fan type, water flow, efficiency, cooling water quality, etc. However, TowerTech Global classifies the cooling towers on the basis of cooling circuit type, which determines the exact cooling tower operation. Major classification is done on the basis of:

  • Material used in construction – concrete, FRP, etc.
  • Water flow or capacity
  • Quality of water to cool down

Cooling towers range includes-

  • Natural or mechanical draft
  • Open circuit
  • Closed circuit
  • Hybrid cooling circuit
  • Induced or forced draft

Natural draft cooling towers make use of chimney operation. The air flow starts by the temperature difference between the air inside and outside of the cooling tower.

The fans in mechanical draft model are the source of air flow. At TowerTech Global, you can also avail spare parts for cooling towers.

Induced draft model contains an inlet fan that is fitted at the top of the cooling tower. Manufacturing team always uses axial fans for this type of model.

Forced draft model has an exhaust placed at the cooling tower base. In this model, experts can use both axial and centrifugal fans.

Let’s learn major advantages and disadvantages of all these models of cooling tower: Induced draft model advantages and disadvantages-

It has low absorbed capacity and small foot print, which means that you will require less space to install this model. But talking about the cons, it produces excess noise during operation. Maintenance of induced draft design is difficult than others and it has humid air stream drive.

Forced draft model advantages and disadvantages:
It has low absorbed capacity and easy in maintenance. It has dry air stream drive. This type of model generates excess of noise.

Forced draft with centrifugal:
It produces lesser noise and easy to maintain. It has dry air stream drive but higher absorbed capacity.

Why you should contact us?
At TowerTech Global, engineers make several tests to ensure quality performance of the cooling tower before sending them for the final dealing. You can freely ask questions about cooling tower and their maintenance from the experts. There is a desk support team available at your service 24x7. All the employees hired by the company are experienced and have proper skill set and know their responsibilities.

TowerTech Global is among pioneer cooling tower manufacturers. You can connect with the team and get the suitable cooling towers in India. They are best known cooling tower suppliers across the world.

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