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Tower Tech Global is manufacturers of CounterFlow Cooling Tower and leader in the industry of colling tower. When designing "Counterflow Cooling Tower", air and water should move in opposite direction.

The air with pressure first enters into open space beneath the fill media, after this it is drawn in vertical direction. Now water is sprayed with pressurized nozzles at the tower top and it starts flowing downwards along the fill, exactly opposite to air flow.

What are advantages of Counterflow Cooling Tower?

  • These cooling towers are generally freeze resistant due to even distribution of water.
  • Heat transfer is also more efficient in case of Counterflow Cooling Towers.

What are the disadvantages?

  • Initial costs are very high due to bulk requirement of most expensive pipes.
  • Difficult to handle variable flow of water as spraying characteristic may affect its function negatively.

What are the uses?

  • These towers are perfect to use with mechanical draft cooling towers.
  • Counterflow cooling towers can be optimized with natural draft cooling towers as well.

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