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Evaporative Cooling Towers are based on evaporative cooling technologies and utilizes both air and water to extract or remove unwanted heat from a power plant. Evaporative Cooling Towers manufacturers are generally good for thermal generation industries and reduce consumption of water inside power plant significantly.

Operating Principle

Evaporative Cooling Towers are based on exchange of most sensitive heat. When air and water is mixed together at suitable temperatures, excessive heat evaporates in the form of vapors. Technically we can say, heat transfers from one point to other and finally it is released to atmosphere.

Water circulates continuously in downward direction and at the point where it meet air, heat is released. When all excessive heat will be removed from your thermal plant then you can perform all of your manufacturing operations suitably.

Cooling tower classification

Cooling tower can be classified in two ways – based on draft and based on water flow. Let us have a quick look on evaporating cooling tower classifications based on draft

  • Natural draft cooling tower
  • Mechanical Draft cooling tower
  • Forced draft cooling tower
  • Induced draft cooling tower

Classification based on water flow –

  • Counter flow cooling tower
  • Cross flow cooling tower
  • Co current flow cooling tower


Fans, Louvers, Filling/ Packing, Drive Shaft, Casing, Water Distribution System, Speed Reducers / Gear Reducers, Framework/Structure , and Drift Eliminators etc.

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