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Equipping industries with zero maintenance and superior performing FRP cooling towers

Exporting and supplying robust FRP cooling towers range, TowerTech Global exporters have reached at the level where people are approaching the company for its unique and high performing cooling tower solutions. Credits go to the main properties, pultruded FRP is becoming the best choice for industry for both new projects and for refurbishment of old models.

FRP is a robust material that is known for its several advantages over concrete, steel and other conventional materials of construction. The features that distinguish FRP materials from conventional materials are as under:

  • Exceptional chemical and corrosion resistance to salt, acid, sand, etc.
  • Resistance to sea water, brackish water, and other acidic solutions
  • Weather resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Sunlight resistant, snow, rain and sandstorm resistant
  • High impact strength and rigidity lets deformation without crack or breakage
  • Good life cycle cost
  • The light weight lowers foundation loads, which is critical in several applications and at locations with sand soil.
  • Fire resistance feature makes no requirement for expensive fire protection system.
  • High temperature resistance feature makes the product ideal for high temperature process cooling facility.
  • Cost effective and high performing cooling tower with low installation cost
  • Very low deposition
  • Scale formation rate
  • Bug resistant

Towertech Global is a principal manufacturing and exporting company that supplies advanced FRP cooling tower range, which further helps users to cut down water consumption, energy wastage and save cost.

The FRP cooling towers manufactured and supplied at TowerTech Global are incorporated with innovative technology that renders uniform water distribution and ideal heat transfer. Premium FRP casing of the cooling tower ensures that the cooling towers can withstand extreme conditions for routine operation and hassle free performance. Also, its durability, high strength, and leak proof construction make the product reliable.

These cooling towers have various applications like process cooling, chilling plant, etc. Industries like hospitals, food, hotels, chemicals, fertilizers, and sugar sector are using these cooling towers successfully. Major salient features offered by FRP cooling tower range-

  • Light weight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Weather proof construction
  • Ergonomic design
  • Even water distribution
  • High efficient in heat transferring

The products and components manufactured at TowerTech facility are tested under extreme conditions before supply.

Features of FRP cooling towers-

  • Easy to maintain
  • Vertical Air discharge
  • Reliable, Accessible components
  • Vertical Air Discharge
  • Lower operation cost
  • Efficient drift eliminators
  • Industrial grade motors
  • Superior Louver design
  • Reduce water usage
  • Motor and fan assembly
  • Lower water carryover problems
  • Reduce algae

You can share your requirements or ask questions related to cooling towers and their components from FRP cooling tower exporters. They will explain you the functionalities and features of different cooling towers to give you an idea about the range of cooling towers. You can accordingly choose the model that fits in your requirement. Contact TowerTech Global and avail the best deals.

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