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Industrial cooling tower manufacturers India i.e. TowerTech Global are making every possible effort to cater worldwide demand of cooling towers. Cooling tower is now a major necessity for various industries. The experts from the team are personally handling the queries related to industrial cooling towers India.

A cooling tower is a simple heat rejecting device that releases waste heat to the environment via the cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature. It may use the evaporation of water to eliminate heat and cool the fluid to certain temperature. In dry cooling towers, air helps in cooling the fluid to the certain temperature. At TowerTech Global facility, you can avail the comprehensive range of cooling towers that also includes industrial cooling towers.

Industrial cooling tower model is helpful in removal of heat from various sources like machine or heated process material. The major use of large industrial cooling towers is to expel the heat absorbed in the circulating cooling water systems used in petroleum refineries, power plants, petrochemical plants, food processing plants, semi-conductor plants, etc.

Some common industries where cooling towers are used-

  • Oil refining
  • Power plants
  • Chemical processing
  • Steel mills
  • Manufacturing units

These cooling towers are also applied to bring comfort cooing for large commercial buildings including corporate buildings, airports, hospitals, hotels, and conference centers.

Engineers at Tower Tech Global facility design industrial cooling towers in distinct sizes and variations. However, the purpose of every model remains the same, i.e. expelling waste heat through evaporation process. They know that the size of the cooling tower should meet the requirement to reject this same amount of heat to the environment.

In general, there are two categories of cooling towers- open circuit and closed circuit. You can avail any of the models of cooling tower from Tower Tech Global experts.

There are some important terms that you must know-
  • Blowdown - It is used for water discharged to remove high mineral content system water, sediment, and impurities.
  • Concentration cycles – It is used to explain the mass flow relationship between the amount of system feed water and the blowdown sent down the drain.
  • Dissolved solids - It is used for the amount of dissolved minerals present in the water.
  • Drift – Water droplets entrained in the air leaving the tower top or blown from the tower side by crosswinds.
  • Make up – Water supply has to replace all losses caused by evaporation, discharge or leaks in cooling systems.

Tower Tech Global experts can help you in understanding the functions of industrial cooling towers. You can contact the professionals through official website or email and ask anything related to the cooling towers. You can even ask about maintenance and testing services from them.

Tower Tech Global is among sophisticated industrial cooling towers manufacturers India that offer best deals to worldwide customers. You can get affordable industrial cooling towers in India. You can also inquire about post-sale services from experts. Write to the team and get expert assistance soon.

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