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Every time when you are planning to buy mixed flow closed circuit cooling towers, do you know about technical facts you should consider. If not, let us tell you in detail –

  • Hot water temperature inlet
  • Cold water temperature outlet
  • Loading of water into cooling tower
  • Temperature of water bulb
  • Quality of water

It may be possible that customers may focus on other factors we well but these are five basic requirements that should be considered importantly when buying mixed flow closed circuit cooling towers. Our expert team spends a plenty of time with our customers in order to know their needs and requirements. Only after careful analysis we have compiled the list of these features. Moreover, we also perform structural and thermal analysis to understand design requirements of an industry so that it can be fulfilled with computer studies. Based on our discussion with client, we prepare on document that lists all important points that should be made available inside your product like closed circuit cooling towers.

Our modular closed circuit cooling towers has other various benefits too like –

  • We always offer scalable design for mixed flow water cooling tower whose capacity can be customized whenever you want.
  • Our products don’t need much external support to sustain in market.
  • Our products are wisely designed to suit varied circumstances. Out products can be successfully installed in existing water basin.

To share you deep requirement list with us for manufacturing and designing mixed flow closed circuit cooling towers as per your needs, contact us now.

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