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Cooling Towers Suppliers for Pharma Industry

Tower Tech Global experts are well-versed in designing and manufacturing cooling towers for pharma industry. There are numerous products made inside the chemical and pharma manufacturing facilities.

Since the facilities require bulk chemicals, materials, and substances that are employed throughout the process operation. Waste streams can be clogged with contaminants, toxins, minerals and organic content. To remove these substances from the waste streams, Tower Tech Global team works and performs various steps to maintain and sustain the good health of the cooling tower.

As water is a main ingredient in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing operations, cooling tower system always requires a consistent and premium quality supplies for production, cooling and material processing. Tower Tech Global experts take this thing seriously to avoid premature breakdown of cooling towers.

Disruption in raw water supply is considered to be a major concern and so more companies are heading towards water efficiency initiatives to cut down the risks related to water scarcity. Tower Tech Global team understands this thing and always suggests its clients to follow all the guidelines and steps shared by the experts for best results.

Contamination is the other issue in the pharmaceutical industry. The contaminants or compounds are widely being detected in surface waters by the team with the help of analytical detection technologies.

Industries like pharma and chemical involve the use of water in processing. Chillers designed by the engineers are either equipped with vapor compression or absorption refrigerant cycle function to cool down the fluid used for heat absorption.

The experts take care of three basic principles while designing chiller types, which are as under-

  • When a liquid is heated, it vaporizes in the form of gas. When a gas is cooled, it turns into a liquid. 
  • Lowering the pressure above the liquid helps in lowering the boiling point. However, increasing the pressure above the liquid helps in increasing the boiling point. 
  • Heat always transmitted from hot to cold. 
Features of our cooling towers-
  • Energy efficient – Experts use high efficient fill for best performance.
  • Durable – Tower Tech Global professionals use premium materials to enhance durability.
  • Aesthetic appearance – They use FRP panels to complete the look to the system.

We design, supply, and optimize cooling towers for pharma industry with reliability, accuracy, and cost effective approach. Tower Tech Global engineers manufacture and design most of the structural components with latest techniques and materials. They use best mechanical tools and components available in the industry.

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