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Since cooling towers are high-end devices used for decreasing the temperature of water in the HVAC equipment, you will always need a reliable facility to avail cooling tower repairing and maintenance services. At Tower Tech Global facility, we provide a complete package of cooling tower maintenance services including cleaning of the equipment at least once a year.

Our services are intended to complement or replace in-house maintenance regimes. Tower Tech Global is known for its cost effective offerings that are executed under the strict guidance of experienced professionals. Moreover, these services are highly demanded in the market for their innovative and creative approach that helps the team to meet all standards and requirements of the clients.

Experts of Tower Tech Global make optimum use of resources. They execute the maintenance program as per the schedule. They follow innovative approaches for delivering cost effective products. The team of engineers working at the facility is using genuine spare parts to intend the high-efficient cooling towers for industries like-

  • Food and beverages
  • Rubber
  • Chemical
  • Pharma
  • Other
  • Services of Tower Tech Global include an unmatched level of quality advice on system management to provide high operating availability and efficiency. Our specialist services include these things-

    • Detailed inspection
    • Repairs
    • Internal and external cleans
    • Spare parts
    • Refurbishments and upgrades
      • Cooling towers at Tower Tech Global facility are inspected by competent engineers. Since broken or deteriorating components affect performance and can lead to sudden breakdown of the cooling tower system, engineers at Tower Tech Global make proper inspection and perform various tests to check the overall performance of the cooling tower.

        The inspections cover all types of the cooling towers and their components. Engineers follow the inspection by full written reports including images of the areas of concern or areas needed further investigation.

        Engineers working at Tower Tech Global have unrivalled knowledge and they are experts in designing all types of cooling towers and their internal and related parts. The experts perform thorough cleaning of the cooling towers to ensure optimal performance and operation of the cooling tower and protect them from premature failures.

        The technical team of professionals working at the facility of Tower Tech Global will inform you about the latest legislative requirements and also ensure you about the product comply with latest required standards and guidelines.

        Tower Tech Global experts also provide a chemical cleaning or flushing solution as a remedy for high or special volumes of contamination.

        Tower Tech Global experts providing periodic maintenance services

        The external and internal structure of the cooling tower along with various components should be periodically maintained and repaired or replaced when required. This will ensure optimal performance, operation and the best possible availability of the system.

        Tower Tech Global experts offer a repair service for planned shutdowns and an emergency call out repair service for unexpected failures or breakdowns. Tower Tech Global experts have experience in repairing distinct parts of cooling tower regardless of their design. The list of structural, mechanical, or individual internal parts installed in any cooling tower includes-

        • Gearboxes
        • Fans
        • Motors
        • Fan stacks
        • Decking
        • Cladding
        • Drift eliminators
        • Internal structural members
        • Cooling medium
        • Distribution parts
        • Louvers
        • GRP, stainless steel, timber
        • Access facilities

        How Tower Tech Global experts handle the cooling tower repairing?

        Tower Tech Global is a reliable provider of cooling tower maintenance services. If your cooling tower doesn’t function as it should be, you can consult Tower Tech Global professionals anytime. Tower Tech Global is well versed with cooling tower repairs and performs three steps –

        • Inspection – The experts perform extensive physical inspection of the cooling tower.
        • Analysis – The experts take help of advanced computer modeling to enhance the capabilities of the cooling tower and make required repairs with no hassle.
        • Engineering – Tower Tech Global experts are using latest technology to determine idle component integration to provide increased cooling capacity.
        Why Tower Tech Global?

        It is important to select the best services providers for your cooling towers. Tower Tech Global experts aim to use latest techniques to minimize interruption in the equipment. Tower Tech Global is among reputed companies having years of experience and rich expertise in providing cooling tower repair and maintenance services to sustain the condition of the HVAC equipment.

        You can book your appointment and avail suitable services for your cooling tower anytime. Contact Tower Tech Global experts for more details.

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