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Towertech is one of India’s most reliable exporters and manufacturers of Round cooling towers and Bottle Cooling tower, our bottle cooling towers as well as our round cooling towers grab the best rating among our counterparts, for we offer reliable services with our exclusive range of products at competitive prices.

Systematic Approach

By implementing promising and proven principles, we assure excellent performance of our cooling towers, and so far we have received only laurels from clients who have experienced great contentment with our services.

The Process

We have adopted counter flow principle to systematically manufacture our bottle cooling tower. In this process, where water and air move directions opposite to each other, water moves downwards due to air being sucked by the fan.

With constant operation, water is allowed to flow continuously and the moment it comes in contact with air, the air turns fresh with reduced moisture levels. This facilitates desired cooling in the systems making it the most preferred cooling tower, as compared to other cooling methodologies.

Custom-made Round Cooling Towers

Keeping customer contentment in mind, we design eminent round cooling towers that add value to every industrial application and operation, enhancing better productivity at each stage.

A Peek into Our Product Highlights

  • The cooling towers we manufacture are user-friendly and easy to install
  • We render custom solutions in best interest of clientele’s unique requirements
  • We offer ready for application products that can be instantly procured and set up.
  • We assure optimum performance and excellent cooling
  • Our products always assure optimum cooling performance as per your expectations.
  • We design our cooling towers in such a way that it takes just minutes to configure it in sync to your needs.
  • We believe in quality, efficiency and dedication; customer satisfaction is our prime motto.

To procure our round cooling tower or our bottle cooling tower and avail or value added services that we deliver, write to us on

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