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Making elite cooling towers to facilitate industries with excellence

TowerTech Global- a leading cooling tower Exporters India that repairs and upgrades the models of cooling towers. Being a reliable cooling tower exporter, TowerTech Global offers their comprehensive range throughout the world.

Engineers working in the facility offer cooling tower custom design, installation, upgrade, construction, repair and replacement parts for all makes and models of cooling towers. The entire product range is supplied to distinct industrial clients such as chemical, plastics, petrochemical, pulp and paper, central refrigeration, oil processing and air separation industries.

Every industry is constantly looking for enhancement potentials in its production and process. The teams working at TowerTech Global facility can help you get the most from the cooling tower and also ensure you for-

  • Its Availability
  • Prolong equipment service life
  • Lower operating costs
  • Optimum performance

Cooling towers are just like the engine of your building’s mechanical system. You should follow routine maintenance to avoid problems that can lead to a complete shutdown of the entire structure, making both the tenants and owner extremely sad.

There are so many things you can do to avoid unexpected troubles, such as-

Water treatment

At TowerTech Global, engineers perform water treatment step as it is required for monthly water treatment program. If you neglect the water quality, it can ruin the whole system and result in scaling and sludge formation in the condensers and pipes.

TowerTech Global experts possess expertise in water treatment. You can rely on the team and get your cooling tower serviced by professionals. It is important to test the water monthly and treat it with biocide and scale inhibitors.


Motor failure is problematic because it can bring the entire building down. These are heavier and hoisting a new one to the cooling tower is toughest thing to do. But here at TowerTech Global, our experts can replace the failed motor and install the new one.


We check blades and clean dirt gathered on the blades. We lubricate bearings and check for wear. We replace belts when required and check for corrosion and wear. We also check the alignment of the fan, its balance, and security to shaft when you bring the cooling tower for maintenance.

The team of experts working at the TowerTech Global facility can perform all critical tests and analysis-

  • Technical – Thermal, acoustic, and aerolic
  • Economical balance
  • Environmental constraints
  • Safety

Once the diagnosis process is done, engineers will propose economical and effective solution for improved or restored cooling tower operation.

Engineers working here have in-depth knowledge for cooling tower refurbishment, for all latest and advanced models.

Get in touch with TowerTech Global, a reliable cooling tower exporter, today and avail best cooling tower solutions at reasonable rate. The team of experts has experience and deep knowledge of the safety rules and standards. They perform their task precisely without harming the surroundings or components of the cooling tower. Contact the team via email or visit the store. They are already known as the best cooling tower exporters in India.

All the details are mentioned on the contact us page. You can navigate to the page and find us.

Our solutions are innovative and highly reliable. For more information on our eccentric range of cooling towers, write to us on

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