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Cooling Tower With Water Tower & Water Reservoir Pumping System

Water cooling towers are the heat rejecting devices or systems that offer water/ fluids cooling facility. Water cooling towers manufacturers India are intending the cooling tower with water tower and a water reservoir pumping system. Cooling tower lowers the temperature of fluids or water that has been heated by industrial processes such as manufacturing.

Water cooling towers suppliers India providing distinct models of water towers. Some of them functions differently- in some water towers, heated water is sprayed into the tower throughout the wet deck surface, or fill pack. As the air flow release the water, abandoned heat is absorbed and this lowers the water temperature.

Water cooling towers India or say towers made in India may use mechanically caused drafts through fans placed on the tower sides, or induced draft towers that help create a vacuum at one end to promote air movement.

Cooling tower manufacturers in India are selling a variety of cooling tower systems and there are numerous factors that help customers in determining the most suitable product for their infrastructure. Specialized design cooling systems used inside the towers are likely suitable to a few applications than others.

Industrial water cooling towers manufacturers are producing various types of towers, some of them are-

  • counter flow
  • cross flow
  • closed loop
  • open loop

HVAC cooling towers are majorly used in larger building structures to maintain a comfortable temperature of interior. Water cooling towers manufacturers design their evaporative range by using the science of evaporation to release heat into environment.

The design of cooling towers is a critical thing that influences cost, energy, and performance efficiency of the cooling tower model.

Manufacturing units are using different materials including concrete, fiberglass, aluminium, and stainless steel to construct cooling towers.

Among all the manufacturers, FRP cooling tower manufacturers in India are getting major number of queries. Fiberglass is the most durable material among other traditional ones and thus, FRP towers are intended for functioning outer side in extremes of weather conditions. These towers are –

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Light weight
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to install

Fiberglass range of cooling towers can withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments in better way as compared to traditional stainless steel or concrete based cooling towers.

Tower Tech experts bring forth an unbeatable range of water cooling towers designed with premium raw materials under supervision of qualified engineers. You can use these products in unfavorable situations.

Benefits you can avail by sourcing Tower Tech water cooling towers India:

  • Energy efficient performance
  • Durable performance
  • Longer life
  • Aesthetic looks

The experience of Tower tech experts allows them to design the best customized tower, which suits your needs with the most satisfactory advanced controls.

They intend the modular design of cooling towers, which have features like-

  • Anti-clogging nozzles

  • Wet deck is equipped with large anti-clogging nozzles.

  • Vertical design

  • Re-circulation of air is lowered by vertical design of the tower.

  • All-side access

  • Cold water basin is accessible on all four sides through quick release louver panels.

These units are being supplied by Tower Tech cooling towers manufacturers across India in industries like-
  • Beverage industry
  • Ethanol production
  • Industrial production
  • Chemical production
  • Hotels, hospitals, and commercial buildings
  • Power plants
  • Refinery applications
  • Steel Industry
  • Food industry and many more

Our cooling towers are self-cleaning, need low maintenance, and there is low water consumption. We use specialized technology to intend and produce our cooling towers. We also provide field services that includes –

  • Site surveys
  • Emergency field service
  • Trouble shooting
  • Programmed field service
Restoration Vs Replacement

We believe in restoration and replacement both. We turn old towers into new ones by installing right components into them. If there is more number of replacements, we suggest customers right choices. We never recommend the option of restoration if the condition of cooling tower is really bad. You can rely on our engineers as they have years of experience in replacement and restoration.

Contact Tower Tech experts, water cooling towers manufacturers and suppliers in India, from anywhere and source the best deals for your location. They are available for 24X7 at your service. You can send a mail and share your requirements.

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